11th May 2017

Ant & Team complete the 'Mutiny on the Bounty' voyage

Ant and eight volunteers who responded to an advert were challenged to re-create the deadly 4,000-mile voyage from Tonga to Timor made by Captain William Bligh and his crew in 1789, after being cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean following the infamous Mutiny on the Bounty.

The all-male group – to be as true to history as possible – were at sea for around two months in a tiny, 23ft-long wooden replica boat that was entirely exposed to the elements, with no bunks or below-deck area. They didn’t even have waterproof clothing, and navigated using charts.

“Death was a possibility, of course – we were at the mercy of the sea. Even if you’re using the safest boat in the world, if you hit a storm, worst case scenario, you could die,” admits Ant, 36.

The crew managed to sail their way through hell and high waters to complete the vogage and are now on solid ground. 

'Mutiny' is now available to watch on DVD.