04th May 2016

Ant Middleton Announced as Ambassador for Pioneer Beards

Ant has been signed up as the official Ambassador for the luxury beard and skin care brand, Pioneer Beards.  


Their artisan range is handcrafted using 100% natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Pioneer Beards craft their products in small batches to maintain the high quality that isn’t always achieved with mass-produced products.  Pioneer products have significant benefits to ensure the beard not only grows strong but the skin beneath is treated and cared for.


“Ant’s humble and affable character is certainly admirable and he also happens to rock an awesome beard!  This is the perfect collaboration for us and allows Pioneer Beards to continue with our established military connection,” says Edelle Brookes, Founder of Pioneer Beards.  “Ant’s military career reached the ultimate pinnacle through his hard work and dedication, our customers can take inspiration from this and Ant encompasses the fact that whatever your day job, in today's world, men are expected to present themselves well groomed with style and confidence.”  


“A well groomed image is a huge part of military life. I’ve carried that standard of personal presentation in my civilian life and however dirty I get on a run, however much I sweat in the gym, however weather beaten I get from sailing or climbing a mountain, I always return to a well presented image as looking scruffy in day to day life just isn’t acceptable and that is exactly why I use Pioneer Beards products,” says Ant Middleton.


Pioneer Beards - We take pride in our products and a gentleman takes pride in himself.