SAS:WDW 4 Group Shot


04th January 2019 - Blaise McGowan

SAS: Who Dares Wins 4 Returns: Sunday Jan 6th

The fourth series of 'SAS:Who Dares Wins' returns to Channel 4 this Sunday 6th January at 9pm. It will run for 6 episodes.

In a landmark moment for the British Special Forces, the MOD has announced that in 2019 SAS selection will open to women for the very first time. Leading the way - the new six part series of SAS: Who Dares Wins is sending a group of 25 men and women high into the spectacular and punishing Andes Mountains in Central Chile.  It is the longest and toughest course that the DS have ever designed, spanning over eleven gruelling days, in a hostile and unforgiving winter warfare environment.

The recruits will eat, sleep and wash together – no allowances will be made for gender – as their mental and physical strength is tested to the limits. Putting them through this punishing course will be Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and his Directing Staff (DS) Foxy, Ollie and Billy. They’ve never worked with women on this course and have no idea how many will make the grade… but they want to find out.  In the Special Forces world, no one is interested in equality for the sake of it.  All Ant and the DS want to know is can women, with no allowances or exceptions made, pass the course?

The DS and recruits will be based in an abandoned ex-military forward operating base in the brutal and spectacular Andes mountains, and will be tested to the extremes of winter warfare in the most deadly environment of them all.  

They’ll face all the challenges of living and operating at high altitude, with a lack of oxygen, in freezing temperatures and unforgiving snow storms.  

As the recruits progress through the course, they’ll be forced to confront surprising truths about themselves to discover their real characters. Will they have what it takes to make it through this unique version of SAS selection?