SAS:WDW 4 Trailer

In 2019, SAS selection opens to women for the first time. This series of SAS: Who Dares Wins takes 25 men and women to the Andes. Putting them through the punishing course will be Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and his Directing Staff (DS) Foxy, Ollie and Billy; do they have what it takes to make it in the SAS?

Ant Middleton Shares His Experience Climbing Everest | Ant's Base Camp Diaries

Ant discovers the challenges that many people have overcome to arrive at Everest Base Camp, proving that a positive mental attitude can get you to the top of the world...Watch the FULL series on All 4:

Extreme Everest Trailer - Channel 4 and Berocca

On Channel 4, Sunday 9th November at 9:30pm. Ant Middleton gets trapped in an unexpected, life-threatening storm as he attempts to climb Everest. And he seeks to understand the attraction of such a popular but dangerous challenge. In Association with Berocca.

Get Back On Your Feet Challenge 1: The Ant Middleton Fund for SSAFA

Today is the launch of The Ant Middleton Fund to raise money for SSAFA the Armed Forces charity to help veterans get back on their feet. Tag your mates, share & donate!

First Man In: Audio Book Clip

Lots of you have been asking about an audio version of my book… I’m delighted to say the audiobook to FIRST MAN IN is out now and read by yours truly! Here’s a sample from it 🙌🏻 You can download a copy on Audible and iBooks. I hope you enjoy it! 💪🏻

Behind-the-scenes on Ant Middleton Tour

Behind-the-scenes on my #AntMiddletonTour… 🙌🏻 Phase 2 kicks off at the end of August. Tickets are selling out fast… please contact the venue directly if TicketMaster no longer have them. I’ll be signing copies of #FirstManIn after each show and looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. It’s you guys that inspire me to be the best possible version of myself that I can be 👊🏻


Ant joins Giovanna Fletcher as a guest on her podcast 'Happy Mum, Happy Baby' to talk all things parenthood - the highs, the lows, the challenges and rewards. Ant said: "Loved this interview! Rarely do I get to talk about my wife and children but when I do I go on for ages... poor @mrsgifletcher".

First Man In | Life Lesson 1

LESSON ONE - DON’T LET ANYONE DEFINE WHO YOU ARE... Ant shares some of the lessons he learned during his time in and out of the Special Forces that he talks more about in his book 'First Man In'.

First Man In | Life Lesson Two

LESSON 2 - LEADERS STAND APART FROM CROWDS Always remember you’re a leader not a follower! If you separate yourself from the group, you won’t win trust – but you must not let the group hold you back 👊🏻 Find out more about this and other key lessons in FIRST MAN IN.

First Man In | Life Lesson Three

LESSON 3 - THE POWER OF INTELLIGENT WAITING Being a sniper is the closest soldiering gets to a fine art – everything has to be perfect. It takes planning, calculation, preparation, brain power and most of all patience. Intelligent waiting is a massively underrated skill that has been useful to me in life in and out of the special forces💪🏻 Find out more about this and other key lessons in FIRST MAN IN.

First Man In | Life Lesson Four

LESSON 4 – NEVER BE QUICK TO WRITE SOMEONE OFF Don’t be too hasty in your judgements of those who appear weak. There’s often steel inside 👊🏻 Find out more about this and other key lessons in FIRST MAN IN.

First Man In | Life Lesson Five

LESSON 5 - FAILURE ISN’T MAKING THE MISTAKE. IT’S ALLOWING THE MISTAKE TO WIN We all make mistakes. It’s allowing that mistake to take over that’s the real problem. I’ve witnessed this mindset happening everywhere I’ve operated. When you make a mistake, accept that it’s happened, push all the self-recriminations aside, and calmly make a new plan 👊🏻 Find out more about this and other key lessons in FIRST MAN IN.

SAS: Who Dares Wins. Series 3. Channel 4 Trailer.

Ant Middleton returns as Chief Instructor in the third series of the hugely successful Channel 4 series 'SAS: Who Dares Wins'. Ant and the other ex-Special Forces soldiers recreate the SAS's secret selection process and put recruits through it, in the ultimate test of their physical and psychological resilience

RNLI - Respect the Water campaign

Ant Middleton is an ambassador for the RNLI. He has recently joined their #respectthewater campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of the water this Summer. Ant explains what to do when falling unexpectedly into water and facing cold water shock.

SAS Training on 8 out of 10 Cats

Jimmy Carr hosts as Ant, Aisling Bea and Katherine Ryan face Rob Beckett, Kerry Howard and new comic Ola to uncover what tops the nation's bucket list. Ant puts a few of the panellists through their paces with some training! Catch the full episode on 4OD.

Ant Offers Advice on How to Further Yourself in the Workplace

Ant spoke with Business Insider UK about how being an individual and the best at everything can only get you so far in your career. Business Insider UK have released a series of videos of Ant offering advice on a number of workplace issues. Check out Ant's advice on Business Insider UK youtube page.

Special Interview: Life After the Military

In a special partnership with Forces Cars Direct and SSAFA, the two veterans took a drive around town while openly discussing common issues that ex-service men and women face after leaving the military. In a car, kindly donated by Forces Cars Direct, the two veterans get up close and personal with the struggles they faced, how SSAFA helped them and how they adapted to civilian life.

Channel 4 : Mutiny Trailer

The first trailer for Mutiny. Coming soon to Channel 4.

Ant Middleton Appointed as Brand Ambassador for Forces Cars Direct

Forces Cars Direct is the UK’s largest online company specialising in tax free and tax paid vehicle sales for all those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces. Ant Middleton has now been appointed as Brand Ambassador. "Until I met with Forces Cars Direct I had no idea that military personnel were entitled to these types of tax free and tax paid offers on new cars. They’re offering a service that is a huge money saving opportunity for those who are currently serving and those who have served in the Armed Forces" - Ant Middleton

Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Cops in Portsmouth

Ant Middleton visiting the Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Cops in Portsmouth.

Ant meets Prince Harry with DNRC at the ICAP Charity Day 2017

Ant was attending the ICAP Charity Day 2016 to support DNRC and won a game of noughts and crosses press ups whilst meeting Prince Harry.

Ant on This Morning discussing Series 2 of SAS : Who Dares Wins

Ant chatting to Ben Shepherd and Holly Willoughby about Series 2 of SAS : Who Dares Wins with Foxy and Efrem.

Cold Water Shock for the RNLI

Ant is a Celebrity Ambassador for the RNLI and he met with them at University of Portsmouth to experience the effects of Cold Water Shock for their Respect the Water campaign. British and Irish seas are about 12 °C - even on a warm day, cold water shock can leave you breathless. If you get into trouble, know what to do – search: #RespectTheWater

Mount Elbrus/The Matterhorn - March 2016

Footage from an off season climb of Mount Elbrus in Russia and The Matterhorn in Switzerland.

Leadership Interview with Business Leader Magazine

Listen to Ant speak to Business Leader Magazine about his leadership experiences and advice. He will also be on the cover of the April edition of their magazine.

The Sun Military Awards - Red Carpet

Ant arriving on the red carpet at The Sun Military Awards - 22nd January 2016, Guildhall, London. is Live

A quick message from the Chief!

Behind the Scenes on the Shoot for

Join Ant behind the scenes on his shoot for at the beautiful Kentfield Country Estate in Kent. Ant spent two days there where he enjoyed riding a jet black Triumph Bonneville Scrambler, driving Landrover Defenders, shooting, performing stunts and using a stunning vintage Aston Martin DB5. Ant has a special message for his fans at the end of this video.

Kentfield Country Estate

Kentfield Country Estate is Ant's favourite place for country sports and outdoor events, which is why he chose to use it as the location for his website shoot. You can find out more about clay pigeon shooting lessons, driving days, fishing and country pursuits at

The Revenant - UK Premiere

Ant atteneded the London Premiere of the Oscar Nominated movie 'The Revenant' which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. Ant was invited for his expertise in survival and was interviewed by Edith Bowman on the red carpet about how he would have dealt with situations that come occur within the movie.

Corporate Team Building in the Brecon Beacons

Prior to SAS : Who Dares Wins, Ant held Special Forces style corporate team building experiences for large companies. This is some footage of clips from one of those events and it was one of the concepts behind the show.

Drilling for Clean Water in Africa

Ant is involved in a lot of charity work throughout Africa, providing clear water, drilling and structuring wells for villages and communities that have serious water droughts. This is a video from one of the occasions when Ant and his team had just drilled and hit the water source that was to become a well.

Footage from Channel 4's 'SAS : Who Dares Wins'

Footage from Series 1 of Channel 4's 'SAS : Who Dares Wins' which features Ant as Chief Instructor. You will see him back on your screens later this year in Series 2.

Highlights from Ant's 2018 Tour

A selection of some of the Best Bits from Ant's Live Tour around the country in 2018. More dates announced for his 'Mind Over Muscle' Tour in 2019.